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The services that'll get your brand buzzing. Not literally.

So, you know that content is king... and that our own content is kingest (that’s not a word, but you get the idea). It’s why you’re considering our extensive range of content writing services.

But engaging online content takes many different forms.

Yes, we can get hammering away on our keyboards to generate brilliant web copy, articles, blog posts and other written copy. And we’ll do it in a darned jiffy.

But it’s not only entirely original content that we can do for you, as we’re also a dab hand at proofreading and editing – all done with search engine optimisation (SEO) specifically in mind.

We can even get your firm’s next Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign whirring away nicely.

As to which of these services will best meet the needs of your own business or agency… well, that’s very much up to you, after a talk with us about how we can serve you.

Make a bigger impact online, with content that matters. Get in touch with the Precise English team today, and we’ll get hard at work on weaving our magic.

We do more than just a bit of typing.

Did you really think we did ‘just’ writing? Well, fair enough. It turns out we do a lot of that. However, we also provide a breadth of other services to ensure the quality of your site’s content – as well as its wider impact online – really is tip-top. Allow us to introduce you to them all, one by one.

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Content Writing

This is the big one – our main speciality. We’ve been writing up a storm since 2009, including the web copy, articles and blog posts that could significantly boost your business or agency’s fortunes.

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It’s so easy to get a single letter or bit of punctuation out of place – with catastrophic consequences. Don’t take the risk – instead, allow us to scrutinise every detail of your content creation for you.

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If your brand can’t be found online, almost nothing else matters. Thankfully, we’re a dab hand at knowing all of those little touches that could help to prod you up the search engine results pages.

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Social Media

You’re only ever one gaffe away from your firm’s social media accounts having a damaging effect on your prospects of success. So, let us manage your campaigns to deliver the utmost (positive) impact.

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Is your brand putting its best foot forward, online and offline? If not, allow us to give your organisation’s reputation a little TLC with our well-crafted and compelling press releases.

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Blogger Outreach

Also known as influencer marketing, blogger outreach can be instrumental in spreading word about your products or services among receptive audiences. Allow us to foster those vital relations for you.

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Local Business Listings

Inclusion of your business in the right directories can do much to lure the right people to what you have to offer – not least because they’ll know that you exist at all, and close to their own home.

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Onsite Optimisation

There are all manner of elements of your website that can make a big difference to its chances of ranking highly in the search engine results pages – and we are able to carry out the essential tweaks.

Other offerings:

Link Building

  • Blogger outreach
  • Local Business Listings
  • Press Release distribution


  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC

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