Why should you care about paid search?

When it comes to PPC management there's a lot to learn. Luckily, we have the expert knowledge to equip you with all of the facts.

June 2018

  • It might be the almost instant impact it delivers that most appeals to your own business. Or maybe it’s the fact that it gives you exposure on the front page of the search engine results, or the steady stream of nicely targeted traffic that it can direct to your site?

    Whatever – there are a lot of reasons why your company should be bothered about Pay Per Click, or PPC. But just to be absolutely crystal clear, let’s run through its merits from the beginning.

    Love at first click?

    Fair enough – you might well be rolling your eyes at this point, so self-explanatory might PPC seem.

    You might have good reason to think that, too, as the sheer simplicity of PPC is arguably one of the best things about this increasingly essential mode of online advertising.

    It’s all based on paying Google – or any other search engine, for that matter – to list ads for your brand at the top and bottom of the organic search engine results.

    Imagine that – someone seeing your company placed prominently when they perform a search for a relevant keyword via Google, without you even having to do the arduous and long-term legwork to get your site to the top of the organic search listings.

    Even better is that you don’t need to pay a thing to the search engine until someone clicks on your advert. Why, it’s almost too good to be true.

    But it isn’t too good to be true… within reason!

    There’s no arguing with the immediate and consistent results that a PPC campaign can deliver for your website. You can set it all up in half an hour or so, and within an hour of activating your campaign, your ads could be appearing on the first page of relevant search results.

    Such an instant impact can be especially invaluable if you’ve only just got started online, and could therefore do with that ‘quick hit’ of exposure and visibility.

    However, it won’t necessarily benefit your business greatly if you merely get momentary bursts of traffic whenever you throw some money into a PPC campaign. Thankfully, it’s also more than possible to use PPC in a manner that delivers a consistent and predictable stream of visitors over time, without exceeding your budget.

    We say this, because one of the other great things about Pay Per Click is how easily it allows you to control your advertising costs, however modest or lofty your goals may be. It’s as simple as you like to set a daily budget for a given campaign, and once your fund is depleted, Google will cease to display your ads until you top it up again.

    What else is awesome about PPC?

    Well, we could cite quite a lot of things, including:

    • Its measurability. How many modes of advertising exist that enable you to easily see not only who is interested in your website, but also what it is about your site that interests them, and when they may have lost interest? Profitability, return on investment (ROI) and click-through rates (CTRs) can all also be accessed and reviewed with minimal effort.
    • The ability that it gives you to target an audience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just trying to appeal to those based in your own business’s town or city, or across international borders. The same goes for what languages your target audiences speak, and whether they’re based on desktop or mobile. We could go further, but we think you get the idea.
    • The brand awareness that it helps you to generate. Even the members of your target audience who don’t click on your ad will often remember your brand in the future, having seen the ad. This doesn’t have an immediate tangible benefit, of course, but it does help in the long run to get more people aware of your brand in the right way.
    • Its suitability for testing your marketing. The quick results and metrics that PPC gives you make it an excellent tool for assessing which marketing strategies or products of yours are working, and which aren’t. It might be that certain products or services of yours get greater attention than others, or that you attain superior conversions from certain landing pages. Whatever – Pay Per Click and its associated analysis tools can be a godsend here.
    • It can fit in brilliantly with your wider marketing efforts. Pay Per Click isn’t just an ‘add-on’ or ‘starter kit’ for new sites that need to attract a lot of relevant traffic in a short space of time. These days, it provides an excellent base for a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, not least because of the insights it provides into such matters as what keywords customers most respond to, and how your site can be optimised to produce higher conversion rates.

    Now, all that you have to do is find the right partners…

    Honestly, we could cite the advantages of Pay Per Click all day. What you really want to know, is whether we’re the company to partner with to commandeer the most effective PPC campaigns.

    Our short answer to that is yes.

    Pay Per Click’s different when you do it with Precise English

    Yeah, we’re writers, so as you might imagine, we can definitely craft those killer ad-copy phrases that will promptly get more eyes glued to your website.

    But we can do so much more than that. We have a deep well of well-honed PPC knowledge to draw upon, built up since our company started in 2009.

    So when you want to get maximising those paid-search leads for your brand, there’s no need to consider the services of any other digital agency.

    Unlike some agencies, we’re also a tight, small and friendly team that is always on standby to talk to you about your concerns in relation to all things Pay Per Click.

    Contact the PPC maestros in County Durham and North East England today, by getting on the phone to Precise English. We believe in the most, erm… precise approach to PPC that will help to generate the maximum number of relevant clicks and make every penny you pay worthwhile.

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